Hi! I am Kannika Kabilar, a University of Toronto student, specializing in computer science. I am highly interested in expanding my knowledge on all aspects of computer science. I am currently focused on learning communication skills for computer scientists and so I have decided to share my ideas on new cutting-edge technologies and innovative inventions by writing articles.

I have been exposed to computers from an early age of my life, not particularly in coding but I have been able to observe the advancements of computers to what they are today. From a combination of school projects and exploring on my own, I have learned various features and attributes of computers that are beneficial for our society, such as saving soft copies of documents, accessing data base resources and a lot more. I am amused by the fact that the development of computers over the years has allowed us to expand our global knowledge exponentially. I am always thrilled to promote the use of internet to spread awareness of global issues, that may not be known in some other parts of the world. My aim is to contribute towards the betterment of our society and, to help those in need through the application of online sources, allowing us to be united globally.

My goal in this series of blog posts is to be able to communicate my thought process of my software programming works and computing in society. In my opinion, computer science requires an intensively creative mind to bring up solutions for coding problems and to develop new forms of software programs. I am eager to explore and connect ideas with other software developers and computer scientists.

Thank you for reading an introduction about myself. Please check out my posts on various topics in computer science!

Computer Scientist